Someone messaged me asking if I believed that the Doctor truly loved River. The Name of the Doctor. That episode is so important. We see the Doctor acknowledge River as his wife. Not “River”, not “her”, but “my wife”. His wife. The love of his life, the woman who gave the rest of her regenerations to save him, the woman who would willingly give her life in an instant for the Doctor, the woman who won both his hearts, part human, part time lord, an enigma. Melody Pond. She comes in hot on her heels, flirting and teasing the Doctor the way only she knows how. It drives him mad, but she’s a mystery that he is itching to discover, and he can’t resist giving into his temptations. Also, this is the first time we see the Doctor engage the kiss. He cradled her face like it was the most precious thing in the world, and it’s the first time we see the doctor kiss with a lustful intent. River loves the Doctor. And the Doctor loves River. Always and completely.

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